The smartest way to own your dream TCL consumer electronic appliance

If you are a salaried worker with a reputable organisation, you qualify to own any TCL home appliance and pay within 12 months at no hidden charges.

Government Workers

All government workers deserve to own quality and durable electronic gadgets from TCL in a convenient 12 month repayement way. Simply fill-out the online forms and we will contact you.

Police & Military

Our hard working security services are not left out. Simply fill out the online form and we will assist you to benefit from the scheme.

Private Sector Workers

Are you a salaried private sector worker? No need to worry. You only need a salary account to benefit from this offer. Fill-in your details and we will contact you.

Signup for the TCL Consumer Finance Scheme

* We don’t share your personal info with anyone.

Any Questions? Please call as: 0596913298 / 0554766387

Our highly trained customer service personel are available to guide you through the application process. We promise you a stress-free process. You can also send your queries to

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